About “Coal-Tar Pitch” and its uses……

Coal > Coal-Tar > Coal-Tar Pitch Process Flow diagram:

‘Coal-Tar’ is a by-product, which is obtained during the production of Metallurgical Coke in the ‘Coke Oven Batteries’. Coke is produced by the process of destructive distillation of Coal at temperatures of approximately 1100 º C in ‘Coke Oven Batteries’. While Coke is the primary product, coke oven gas, coal tar etc., are the by-products in Coke making process. ‘Coal-Tar Pitch’ is produced during the fractional distillation of ‘Crude Coal Tar’.

A Brief History & It’s Application:

The first Coal Chemical recovery ovens were installed in the U.S. in 1893. By 1915, coke ovens accounted for 97% of the metallurgical coke produced in the U.S. The yield of coal-tar, the feedstock for producing coal-tar pitch from a ton of coal is 30-45 liters. There is a lot of demand for coal-tar pitch at present and the supply deficit is very high.

‘Coal-tar Pitch’ and its value-added products have major applications in the Aluminium Industry. The Aluminium Industry is growing steadily for the past 5 years. The primary end-users of Aluminium are the Automobile Industry, Electrical, Packaging, Consumer Durables and Construction sectors.

Globally, the Automobile and Construction sectors are the major end-users of Aluminium. In India, the Electrical Sector, followed by Automobile, constitutes the bulk of the demand. There is an increase in both domestic and International demand for Aluminium. Now, the Aluminium Industry is moving from strength to strength.

The Aluminium Industry can broadly be categorized into two segments. The key segment is the production of primary metal by integrated producers. These producers cover the entire value chain from the mining of bauxite, production of Alumina using bauxite in a refinery and converting Alumina into primary metal in a Smelter. Primary Aluminium is commercially available in the form of Ingots, Billets, Wire rods etc. The other segment comprises the down-stream or secondary producers manufacturing value-added semi-fabricated Aluminium products such as rolled products, foils etc.

The company supplies its finished product as raw material to the key segment i.e. producers of the primary metal. The Aluminium Industry is moving with a sense of purpose and direction through brown field expansion and acquisitions. The domestic market for Aluminium is estimated to grow by 5-6% every year and the international prices are expected to remain firm in the $1,900-$2,000/MT range.

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