NITHYA SAI CHEMICALS is a Private Limited company which specializes in the manufacture of ‘Coal-Tar Pitch’ and other value added products from the distillation of ‘Crude Coal-Tar’. On assessing the potential demand for derivatives of Crude-Coal Tar and their wide range of applications in different industries , Nithya sai Chemicals was founded in the Year 2002-2003 by Mr. S.P.R.Raju along with his brother Mr. S.P.P.R.N.R.Varma. It has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. read more

NITHYA SAI CHEMICALS is a Private Limited has become one of the largest suppliers of ‘Coal-tar Pitch’ to the Aluminum Industry in India. It started with a turnover of Rs.3 Crores in the Year 2003-2004 and achieved a turnover of Rs.45.51 Crores during the Year 2006-2007.
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NITHYA SAI CHEMICALS offers Chemicals services that can greatly improve the course of your Industry and is very exact in defining and satisfying your needs.
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